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Magically Divine is a spiritual healing brand  created by Suzette Riveros. Our main purpose is to bring healing on all levels to the mind, body and soul via shamanism, new-age tools & products, classes, and energetic healing sessions. 

She is a Reverend, Shaman, Teacher, and Master Energy Healer. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, medium/channeler and a psychic empath who works with Angels, Archangels and the Divine source to bring healing energy to you and to this world. 

She was born in New York City, from Puertorican/Dominican parents and grew up in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  She has been working with Divine energy since she was 11.  

She  has been initiated in the Mesayoq rites, the Pompamesayoq rites and has received the Hatun Karpay (the Great Transmission) at the School for the Shamanic Arts in Glendora, CA. She is currently a teacher at the school and is a student in the Alto Mesayoq level.  She is also a Master Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, a Certified Metatronia Therapy Master, an Advanced Certified Crystal Healer from Hibiscus Moon and an accredited Reverend/Minister from the Universal Life Church.

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